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How we ship & what it costs / Hur vi fraktar & vad det kostar

Shipping cost: Free shipping to Sweden
Delivery time from order to delivery: Approx 2-4 business days*.
Carrier: DHL

Shipping cost: 99 SEK
Delivery time from order to delivery: Approx 2-4 business days*.
Carrier: UPS

Shipping cost: 99 SEK (approx EUR 9.00)
Delivery time from order to delivery: Approx 2-5 business days*.
Carrier: UPS, DHL or TNT 

Shipping cost: 199 SEK (approx US$ 19)
Delivery time from order to delivery: Approx 4-8 business days*.
Carrier: UPS or FedEx

*Delivery times might be extended during peak seasons and national holidays. Our warehouse operates Monday to Friday, with the exception of Swedish public holidays. All prices above are in Swedish Krona (SEK).

We currently do not have a shipping and distribution agreement to these regions. But this does not have to stop you from shopping our shoes! Please contact customer service and we will help you place an order.
Sorry, we do not ship to Russia.

Your package will ship from our warehouse in Sweden or directly from our factories in Italy or Portugal, all within the EU.

It is usually the transport company that will charge you for custom clearance charges, including local VAT and in some cases duty. Be mindful of the difference between "VAT" and "duty".

You shop tax-free to countries outside the EU but local/national tax/VAT might apply upon import. There is no duty between countries within the EU but local VAT and duty might apply in countries outside the EU depending on your country's import regulations, more specific regional information below.

There is no duty on shoes and boots to Norway from Sweden / EU.
The NOK prices in our webshop are tax-free = without Swedish VAT. In turn, a charge for local Norwegian VAT should be expected when your order arrives at the Norwegian border (Norwegian VAT is usually charged by the transport company).

There should be no duty or VAT on orders under the value of $800 from the EU when shipping to the United States.
A smaller standard US customs clearance fee might be applied by the transport company at the US border.

There should be no duty on shoes and boots that are manufactured within the EU and have a value over £135 when shipping to the UK from Sweden / EU.

All ANNY NORD shoes are made in the EU and will ship from our warehouse in Sweden or directly from our factories in Italy or Portugal. Orders to the UK, with a value over £135 should hence be customs duty exempt.

The GBP prices in our webshop are tax-free = without Swedish VAT.
In turn, a charge for local British VAT should be expected (usually charged by the transport company). A smaller standard UK customs clearance fee might also be applied by the transport company.


Can I track my package? / Kan jag spåra mitt paket?

- Of course! As soon as your order is placed we send you an order confirmation to the email address you provided. When your package ships out we send you a second email with information on how to track your package.

- Självklart! Så fort din order är genomförd så skickar vi dig en orderbekräftelse till den email adress som du angivit. När ditt paket har lämnat vårt lager får du ett nytt meddelande med information om hur du kan spåra ditt paket.

What if I forget to pick up my package? / Vad händer om jag glömmer att hämta upp mitt paket?

SWEDEN: When you receive your package at a DHL service point, your package will wait for you for 14 days, after that the package will be returned to ANNY NORD. A fee of 150 SEK will be deducted from your refund for unclaimed packages within Sweden.

OTHER EU COUNTRIES: When you receive your package with UPS or other courier, three efforts will be made to deliver. If not successfully delivered by the third try the package will be returned to ANNY NORD. The freight costs will be deducted from your refund.

UPS generally makes three attempts to deliver.
If delivery is refused or unclaimed, orders from outside the EU will be charged the freight costs plus custom clearance fees.

SVERIGE (SWEDEN): Paketet väntar på dig i 14 dagar på din närmaste DHL service point. Efter det skickas det tillbaka till ANNY NORD. En avgift på 150 kr dras av från din återbetalning för outhämtat paket.


When can I return and get a full refund?

Please note that all items must be returned in original purchase condition and in original packaging within 14 days of delivery.  
We advise you to try on your new shoes inside and on carpet flooring so the shoes will not get damaged. If a returned item is not in original condition and packaging we have the right to decline the return.

If an item is returned after the 14 day purchase on approval period we also have the right to decline the return.

Kindly note that custom made shoes (bridal) are not refundable and can not be returned.

How do I make a return?

If you would like to make a return, you can either order a return slip from us via or you can arrange the return transport yourself.
If you choose to return your items using an ANNY NORD return slip then the goods are protected by our carrier.
If you are arranging your own return shipment then you are responsible for the transport safety of the goods being returned; we strongly suggest to use a traceable shipping service in this case.

Who pays for the return freight?

For returns within Sweden a cost of 99 SEK will be withdrawn from your refund.

If you choose to use an ANNY NORD return slip for returns from NORWAY and the EU a return charge of 200 SEK / 200 NOK / € 20 will be deducted from your refund.

If you choose to use an ANNY NORD return slip for returns from The UK a return charge of £24 will be deducted from your refund.

If you choose to use an ANNY NORD return slip for returns from USA or Canada, then a return charge of   
€ 32 / US$ 34 will be deducted from your refund.

You can opt to use another shipping method of your choice, but note that you are responsible for the cost and safety of the shoes until they return to the ANNY NORD warehouse.

ANNY NORD will not refund items that were lost or damaged if shipped with a shipping provider without tracking service.

If you are arranging return transportation yourself, then please ship to:

Penarpsv. 19
269 73 Förslöv
Tel +46 0708 982010

If you are returning a package from a non-distribution region then you need to cover the expenses for the return yourself. 
Please ship with a transportation provider with tracking service.
NOTE: Make sure to include a RETURN proforma document for custom clearance. (You can use the same proforma as provided in the package but clearly write "PROFORMA" on the document). Returns without return proforma documents will not be cleared through Swedish customs and extra costs might occur for you. Please contact our customer service if you have questions.

Ship to:

Penarpsv. 19
269 73 Förslöv
Tel +46 0708 982010

How do I get my money back?

Your payment will be refunded via your original payment method (card, PayPal or Klarna) (minus the possible cost for the return freight). The money transfer can take up to five business days, depending on your bank's refund process.

How do I exchange to another item (for example change to a different size)?

Please follow the instructions for how to return (above) and then order a new item.

Accidents can happen - Has something gone wrong?

If you find that the shipment is damaged, please report this to the vendor that delivered the parcel to you or where you picked it up.

If you discover other damage to the goods after opening your package, please contact us at We will send you a replacement product immediately if the item is in stock. If the merchandise you wanted is out of stock, you are free to choose another or get your money back. Full reimbursement will be made no later than within 14 days after that we have received the goods in return. We will of course pick up the full cost for the return shipment to us.

If you received something you did not order or if the merchandise is faulty, please contact us at and we will rectify the mistake without any cost to you.

We will send you a return slip for all claims.

Please note that leather is a natural material and can have some variations and natural markings.



These terms and conditions may be updated and vary from time to time. It is each user's responsibility to keep updated with the information stated herein.

All items remain the property of ANNY NORD AB until they are fully paid for and the payment is received by us. All prices include 25 % VAT, except for deliveries to countries outside the EU.

Do not send money in advance. We will not take responsibility for cash or checks that are sent to us. Using the stated payment method at the checkout is a condition for shopping at ANNY NORD.COM.

We report all attempts of fraud to the police. We have the right to cancel an order if we suspect fraud. Due to Swedish legislation, we only accept orders from those who are over 18 years old. If you are under, it is required that your custodian consent in order for the order to be valid.


We strive to always display the correct images, prices and texts on our website but can not be held responsible if any inaccuracies or typographical errors might occur. Colors can reproduce differently on different screens and hence we cannot guarantee that the pictures reproduce the items exactly.

We also can not guarantee that all items shown on the webshop are available. If the item you have ordered is out of stock we will contact you by e-mail and you have the right to cancel your order and get a full refund within 30 days from when the order was canceled.

Disclaimer of Liability
The company / brand ANNY NORD and its employees and owners will not be held liable for any damages as a result of using the product: In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with, the use of the product. Usage is always at own risk.


All content of the webshop is owned by ANNY NORD AB unless otherwise stated. It is only allowed to use the content of the website for personal, non commercial purposes. You may not modify the material in any way without the consent from ANNY NORD.

Force majeure

ANNY NORD AB cannot be held responsible if we can not fulfill our commitments due to circumstances beyond our control such as war, natural disasters, pandemics, intervention by authority, civil unrest, strikes, lockout, blockage, accidents, burglary, failure of electricity, etc. In the case of force majeure, the agreement between you and ANNY NORD can be fully terminated.

Risk during transportation

We are responsible for the transport to you. In Sweden we are also responsible for the return transport (should you order it). In all other countries the return transport is the responsibility of the customer.


According to EU standards we refer to the EU site for solving disputes:



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