Who is Anny?

ANNY NORD is a woman that is Nordic in spirit but a citizen of the earth. She is creative, independent, equal, strong, goal-oriented and empathetic. 
(-Yes, she totally has the Pippi Longstocking gene!)

We'd like to think of her as ageless, because age is such a non-important thing, but let's put it this way:
She is a woman. Not a girl. 

Anny is also the name of founder Mia Bencker's grandmother.
Anny and her husband Håkan were hard working small business owners in the south of Sweden. She was a strong but very kind and tolerant matriarch with a big heart. During World War 2 she opened up her home to refugee children.
She was also a very creative and artistic woman who spread light and happiness to the people around her.

We hope to channel some of Anny's spirit of creativity, lightheartedness and tolerance through our shoes.